Biobanking Stakeholder Network Symposium

Organisation of this Biobanking Stakeholder Network symposium formed part of the 2014/15 BSN project “Improving Biospecimen Quality within BSN Biobanks”. The symposium was jointly hosted by the Cancer Institute NSW and The University of Sydney for BSN member biobank staff and other interested stakeholders.

The symposium was held on Friday 22nd May, 2015, at the Darlington Centre Conference Room, 174 City Rd, Darlington, The University of Sydney.

It was divided into two sections, with a morning session (Part 1) featuring presentations on ‘Positioning biobanking to meet the 21st century’ and a late morning/afternoon session (Part 2) on biospecimen quality, from the perspective of biobanks and researchers. The day commenced with presentations from the Office for Health and Medical Research, and NSW Health Pathology, followed by Professor Sanchia Aranda, Acting CEO of Cancer Institute NSW. The remainder of the day featured presentations on the three main areas of BSN research, namely patient consent, data linkage, and operations standardisation, and presentations on biospecimen quality from both a biobank and researcher perspective.

The conference program, found here, showcased a day of biobanking presentations, discussions and networking. Presentations from the day have been posted in the resources section of the website.

If you would like more information on this BSN biobanking conference, please email Amanda Rush using details on the contacts page.

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