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If you’d like further information about the project “Improving biospecimen quality within BSN Biobanks”, or biospecimen quality in general, please contact:

Bharvi Maneck

Senior Research Officer

Biobanking Stakeholder Network

Locked Bag 4001

Westmead NSW 2145

1 thought on “Contact Us

  1. Our INSERM unit (INSERM UMR 906) analyses gene expression in the liver and spleen of subjects with either severe schistosomiasis or HCV infections. We are mostly interested to evaluate which pathway are up and down regulated in severe fibrosis and cirrhosis. We have collected a large number of liver and spleen biopsies from Chinese subjects infected with either S. japonicum or HCV. We are now looking for control tissues from healthy/normal Asian (if possible Chinese) subjects without (severe) Schistosoma infections and without HCV infection or NASH. These subjects must be between 30 to 65 years old. These controls will be used in the transcriptome, miRNome and methylome analysis. We need around 30mg of tissue (liver and spleen) or 10µg of RNA from healthy liver. We need approximately 20 healthy livers and 20 healthy spleens. This was required by referees of a submitted paper. Thank you.
    Sincerely yours. Dr. Sandrine Cabantous.


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