Final report on “Definition of Minimum Standards for CINSW BSN Biobanks” published

We are pleased to announce the completion of A/Prof Jennifer Byrne’s 2013/14 Biobanking Stakeholder Network project, “Definition of Minimum Standards for CINSW BSN Biobanks”. Cancer Institute NSW funded three survey-based projects in 2013/14, which together were tasked with gaining an in-depth understanding of the practices and systems across BSN biobanks, via a comprehensive combined survey. Our survey yielded a large volume of valuable data, and the final project report can be accessed via the icon below.

The report includes collated and analysed data from all 23 operational cancer biobanks in NSW, as well as stated deliverables from the project proposal:

  • Minimal biobank features to assist in the evaluation of feasible networking models for the BSN
  • Guidelines and recommendations to assist new biobanks in their establishment
  • A review and development of recommendations for biobanking best practices to be used in the BSN setting
  • A gap analysis of the current landscape of cancer biobanking in NSW
  • Proposed models of networking suitable for cancer biobanks in NSW

It is our hope that the report will provide useful information for all biobanking stakeholders, guidance for biobanks in their infancy, and solutions to harmonise the NSW cancer biobanking sector.

If you are interested in a copy of this report, please click here.

Suggested citation:

Rush, A. and Byrne, J.A. ‘Definition of Minimum Standards for CINSW BSN Biobanks: Comprehensive survey results and recommendations for standardisation and networking of cancer biobanks in NSW’. Sydney. Kids Cancer Alliance Translational Cancer Research Centre. September 2014.

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