Available Biobanking Conference Presentation

Dr Veronica McCabe

” Cancer Institute NSW’s Biobanking Stakeholder Network”

Click :  McCabe Biobanking 2018


Mr Simon Cooper

“Organic Unity: A Statewide Biobank in Pathology”

Click : Cooper Biobanking 2018


Prof Peter Watson

“Improving biobank standards
who are they for, what should they address,
and how can we implement them ?”

Click : Watson Biobanking 2018


Prof Ian Kerridge

“Biobanking, networks and the challenge of globalisation”

Click: Kerridge biobanking 2018


Prof Deborah Marsh

“Biobanking for research meets
the workflow of a diagnostic pathology laboratory”

Click Marsh Biobanking 2018


A/Prof Kevin Spring

“The Final Frontier: Near real-time
clinical data linkage from the
eMR for biobanks”

Click : Spring Biobanking 2018


A/Prof Dan Catchpoole

“Beating The World ~ International Recommendations for Best Practices in Biobanking”

Click: Catchpoole Biobanking 2018


Prof Sunil Lakhani

“Biobanking: a model for
National Research Infrastructure”

Lakhani Biobanking 2018

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